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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I went on a limb and took some creation license on this one. First, I have an abstract, but the directions clearly state to describe my plan for socio-technical innovation in a fictional or real company

I assure you all that this is a very real company, I paid for the company to be licensed as an LLC and paid for with my own money all of the modules and apps that are included in this most innovative REAL company.

Without question, we currently stand on the advent of a new type of marketing. It works off of the permission based marketing that was coined in 1999 by Seth Godin. However, the technology that has come into usage today is at a minimum, remarkable.
This research intends on analyzing several facets of a business new to social media marketing. First, utilizing Google analytics, we will examine the traffic, “likes”, “followers” unique visitors to the web site or web store that we design, Facebook, Twitter, LinkeIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, MySpace as well as other smaller social media platforms. We will then analyze the actual amount of foot traffic that comes into the store, the amount of new referrals to the store and the amount of increased revenue that can be immediately connected to the campaign.
This paper will then research permission marketing email campaigns with coupons similar to what Groupon advertises. The research will cover in-depth the results of the permission based marketing campaign.
By adding an online scheduling application to a Facebook page, a business can accept reservations for appointments, at a certain time and with a certain service provider within the business. They then can only reserve that time by placing a major credit card into the site, secured by PayPal. The amount of appointments that are then kept will be compared to the amount of appointments not kept prior to this campaign.
There will be a total of over 100 different analytical observations of various aspects of the success, or failure of the social media marketing campaign.

Finally, my project that took well over 80 hours of R&D, creation and innovation can be found at

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