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Monday, August 13, 2012

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The primary difference between the Delphi method and the modified nominal group technique is in the anonymity of the Delphi method vs. the group consensus of the modified nominal group technique. Whereas both are listed as iterative processes that seek out methods to solve phenomena, the modified nominal group technique utilizes learner surveys and focus groups.

In the Delphi Method, “It is appropriate for researching complex issues where larger scale quantitative "hard data" fails to unearth richness in tacit knowledge to help the research understand subtle expert opinion. It does not offer the rigor of clinical testing or quantitative analysis, but it provides a scientific methodology that is well suited to issues that require the insights of subject matter experts.”(Thomas 2009)

According to Kuo-Hung, a nominal group technique (NGT) can be used for knowledge transfer and internalization of knowledge in the consensus building process if an information platform was successfully designed and tested. (Kuo-Hung, Shi-Jer et al. 2006)

I believe that my position would be to utilize the Delphi closed collaboration research method for the simple reason that my innovation is simply that, mine. I would seek out the data needed to prove my phenomenon and open collaboration would not be needed.


Kuo-Hung, T., L. Shi-Jer, et al. (2006). "Using Online Nominal Group Technique to Implement Knowledge Transfer." Journal of Engineering Education 95(4): 335-345.

Thomas, G. (2009). "The Delphi technique: a method for testing complex and multifaceted topics." International Journal of Managing Projects in Business 2(1): 112-130.

MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012

A story about nothing... maybe

Was the message delivered about mountain bikes? Well, yes and no. It was about creative innovation, specifically every other invention that spawned from the Internet and modern technology.

Sure, Leadbeater spoke about mountain bikes and how they were created as an industry by the users of bikes.

He spoke about innovations such as telephony, how people work in organizations to be organized, but more importantly how large corporations reinvent past success.

I believe it was a presentation on common sense. It almost seemed eerily like a Seinfeld episode where it is a show about just existing.

Therefore, I am strangely empty my comments of this presentation other than it just makes sense. - Chris.


Well, we have seen many good things come out of social media and we have discussed how we have to endure the bad along with the good.

The recent news of the parent, upset with his son's iPod being confiscated, is an extremely disturbing story (link included at end of post). In reality, what was this guys defense strategy in court? I am not going to state that he lacked motivation, but the punishment should always fit the crime. Due to his poor judgement and acting out in this extremely malicious manner, this guy is looking at serious jail time. Forget about the civil suit that this principal is going to have, no matter if this parent is able to pay it or not, he will walk around life with a default judgement, having to operate under the radar in every job opportunity that he potentially may have in his future life.

Of course as you read this article, you probably don't care much about the offenders job outlook, nor do I.

When I read about how FM magazines blog (in Clay Sharky's book "Here Comes Everybody"), I thought it difficult to imagine how young girls could actually post methods to remain anorexic and offer bulimia tips. This is much more than self mutilation. This incident potentially could have caused an innocent man (if his sons iPad was confiscated or not), to have his good name dragged through the mud. This didn't just include the mans reputation as a principal, it also included his wife and family. There is a saying in the courts, "once you ring the bell, you can't un-ring it."

Well, at least justice was served in this case and the now two time felon is off to sit and think about his own life.

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