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Monday, August 13, 2012

Technology's Promise

    In “Technology’s Promise” I read chapter 4, Society Moves Online: The Transforming Power of Information Technology and E-Commerce. I found the forecasts for e-commerce to be of the most interest to me. Within this, I found the topic of biometrics to be the most futuristic, but apparently conceivable. I have seen some companies use fingerprints to unlock certain devices, I have even seen a friend of mine with an extremely large import/ export business from the U.S. to China have the only access to his databases through a fingerprint device that scans that it is him. It has a backup of a face recognition module to assure it is him. He has a twin that is identical to anyone, including their parents, the software however can 100% of the time distinguish between the two. Halal talks about generations of devices that can check hand geometry, the iris (Mission Impossible?), voice and as I state facial features.(Halal 2008) It is likely that all of these will be utilize in conjunction for one entry point for one individual in governmental installations in the near future, greatly reducing the need for military police.

Techcast shows the most likely year for different sectors of e-commerce and where there increase in size will come about. These new markets will spur on the economy and blaze a path for further innovations. (Coroporate 2012)

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