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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My animoto video

I envision where there are no longer chalk boards in classes, they are replaced by smart boards where the teacher has pre-made curriculum or prepares the material themselves, all making it interactive. The smart board interacts with the students tablet, laptop or other device, therefore notes are no longer taken.

The student has no text books. Instead, they were all downloaded at a much cheaper price to the school where they will be uploaded back to a repository for future use of the school, therefore no stolen items.

Every device is equipped with GPS and voice and face recognition. After three failed attempts, the device will emmit a paint like substance (like that in banks or in a fire alarm) making it easily trackable to the individual who stole the property. 

All data is access on a cloud. therefore backup is never necesary and data is never lost.

This program begins in Kindergarden and by 5th grade, student scores would far exceed the world averages.

This 30 second clip is a picture of my vision.

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