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Friday, May 11, 2012

Reward systems Marketing
Entrepreneurial orientation has positive influence on customer orientation and competitor orientation, market-based reward system has positive influence on customer orientation and competitor orientation, customer orientation positively to marketing performance, while competitors do not have a positive orientation towards marketing performance. (Soederiman 2011)
The following is an example of reward systems marketing used by Schmidt and Ralph; “Slater's 50/50 is a burger restaurant located in Anaheim, CA is currently running a promotion in Facebook. They want to increase their "like" count in Facebook. Facebook users often refer to the "like" count as a recommendation for or against a company. As a restaurant, a high "like" count would indicate a great option for an individual that is looking for a new place to eat or a place to eat in a town they are visiting. To increase their like count they have started a promotion stating that the Friend that gives them their 1000th like will receive a "SURPRISE". The promotion sends out a message updating the count in an attempt to get more people to "like".(Schmidt and Ralph 2011) The surprise would be the market-based reward system.
Networking is not new to the business world. Networking has been able to create a new medium within social media. Social networks, blogs, micro blogs such as Twitter and really simple syndication (RSS feeds) all have had a deep impact on how promotion of the organization can be utilized. These tools require different approaches in order to be effective, efficient and successful.(Schmidt and Ralph 2011)



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